Gabriel Attal : A New Leader in France !

Gabriel Attal : A New Leader in France !

Hey Today Gabriel Attal we have an exciting story from France – a faraway place where something amazing happened. Imagine a country having a new leader who is not only the youngest prime minister ever but also the first openly gay man in that role. Let’s discover the story of Gabriel Attal, a superhero in the world of politics!

Gabriel Attal : A Historic Appointment:

Picture this – a 34-year-old named Gabriel Attal is now the prime minister of France! That’s like having a really young superhero in charge. President Emmanuel Macron chose him to lead the country and make it even better. This is a big deal because Gabriel is the youngest person ever to become the prime minister in France.

Gabriel Attal : A New Leader in France !

Gabriel Attal : First Openly Gay Prime Minister:

Guess what makes Gabriel Attal even more special? He’s the first openly gay man to be the prime minister in France. It’s like having a superhero with superpowers that bring people together. Gabriel is now one of the most important LGBTQ politicians in the whole world!

Rising Star in Macron’s Party:

Before becoming the prime minister, Gabriel was like a shining star in President Macron’s party called the Renaissance Party. It’s a group of people who work together to make their country better. Gabriel started as the minister of education and national youth, and people noticed how hardworking and dedicated he was.

Gabriel Attal : Controversial Decisions and Achievements:

While working in education, Gabriel made some important decisions. One of them was about what students could wear in school. He said students couldn’t wear something called the abaya. It was a bit controversial, meaning not everyone agreed, but he thought it was the right thing to do. He also worked on stopping bullying in schools, which is like being a superhero against mean behavior.

President Macron’s Trust:

President Macron believes in Gabriel Attal and thinks he can bring a lot of positive energy to the country. In a message on X (which used to be called Twitter), Macron said he knows he can count on Gabriel’s energy and commitment. It’s like having a best friend you trust to help you when things get tough.

Gabriel’s Promise:

When Gabriel heard the news, he thanked President Macron for trusting him. He promised to take care of the country and make sure they use all the opportunities they have. He wants to make French people proud and help them achieve their dreams. It’s like saying, “I’ll be the best superhero for my country!”

Top Priorities:

Gabriel Attal talked about some important things he wants to focus on as the prime minister. Education is like a big battle, and he wants to make it the most important thing. He also mentioned other important stuff like helping the economy, taking care of young people, and dealing with inflation. It’s like having a to-do list to make the country awesome!

A Swift Political Journey:

Imagine going from being a regular person to the government spokesperson during a pandemic. That’s what Gabriel did! People started to notice him, and his career in politics took off really fast. He became the education minister, and now, he’s the prime minister. It’s like being a superhero who zooms through the sky at lightning speed.

Prime Minister’s Role:

Now that Gabriel is the prime minister, he has a big job. He needs to make sure new laws are made and that the country follows the president’s plans. It’s a bit like being the captain of a superhero team, working together to make everything better. But remember, the president still has the most power.


So, little adventurers, that’s the story of Gabriel Attal, the youngest and first openly gay prime minister of France. He’s like a superhero in the world of politics, ready to make his country shine. Let’s see what amazing things he does for France – where every dream can come true!