Mage Classes Rule: The best way to protect yourself

Mage Classes Rule: The best way to protect yourself

Mage classes rule the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is a very wild game. Mage heroes in the Land of Dawn are in a lot of danger. Whether they are taking over the midlane or causing chaos in the EXP lane.

Mage Classes Rule: Things that protect you from magic in fight

You will be glad to know that the game has items like Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armour, and Oracle that are meant to lessen the damage magic does. Which magic resist item, on the other hand, gives you the most for your money in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Mage Classes Rule: The Oracle, the Radiant Armour, and the Shield of Athena side by side.

That being said, there are three main things that offer magic resistance, and their stats are all about the same. Their unique passives are what make them stand out. When you take magic damage, for example, Athena’s Shield will give you a shield that for five seconds will lower the amount of magic damage you take by 25%. Radiant Armour’s ability to lower magic damage goes up by three to ten points for every instance of Magic Damage. This effect can be stacked up to six times. While this is going on, Oracle makes the shield absorb and HP recharge effects 30% stronger.

What Is It About Athena’s Shield That It Must Be Used?

Because of several factors, Athena’s Shield stands out as the best choice. It has the highest base magic resist stat of all of them, at 62. It beats Radiant Armour, which has 52, and Oracle, which already had 42. The Oracle might not be the best choice if you want a strong item that can stand up to magic and if your hero can’t heal themselves naturally or if you don’t have any nurses on your team, like Estes or Floryn.

There’s a chance that Radiant Armour doesn’t protect well enough for snipers or killers, even though it works really well against DPS magic characters like Chang’e from Yve and Alice. Even though it will lessen the damage, you could still be beaten by a combination that is done right.

This shows how Athena’s Shield’s power works.

The best part of Athena’s Shield is when this comes up. It can be very helpful in tight conditions because it lowers magic by 25%. This is especially true for heroes who are more flexible. Deciding to use Athena’s Shield instead of Radiant Armour is often the smarter move, especially as the game goes on and the damage increases. This is especially true if your opponent already has a DPS magic damage card on their team.

In VTBET Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Athena’s Shield seems to be the best item for magic resistance. This item is perfect for heroes who want to survive the chaos. Caused by magic on the battlefield because it has a passive effect that saves the game. Also stats that unmatch in their ability to block magic.